Yes! I was away for a very long time now. Initially I did not want to push myself into writing and convinced myself of writing only when I wanted to but it took me sometime to realize that if I do not write, it is just going to fade away.

Why do I only remember the terrible things that happened over the past few months? I think I can write the next thirty blogs on the miseries of my life. I am not going to dwell on that. Let’s just put that on hold for now. Let me tell you all the incredible parts of my life.

Mr.K, my puppy, is 8 months old now. He growing into a smart young pup. I have not met one person who doesn’t like him. The only thing that bothers me now is his over-smartness. He acts like a thug, who smirks and says, ‘What is in it for me?’. If he gets nothing then he goes into selective deafness. I sometimes wonder if I am rasing a cat in a dog’s body. However, I must tell you, no matter what he does, he is the one who puts a smile on my face every single day.

Also, I resigned my job around 20 days back due to mental health issues. Don’t feel sorry. I am happy with my decision. I am having fun now. I started practicing yoga, I garden passionately and I am preparing for my Ph.D. Things are getting better now. I try not to worry about anything because couple of days, weeks, months or years later it won’t even matter to me.

How are you all doing?

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