My soul got ripped away from me. I received the news today that my dog, my baby, died five days ago. She came to me as a tiny puppy and remained with me for nearly 10 years. She was the most kind, loving, understanding and brave life I have ever known. She was my rock whenever I was down. She was my partner in all the mischiefs at home. She was the reason I kept going back home.

I remember her running towards me, more like rolling towards me, whenever I went home. She was always thrilled to see me and be in my presence. Somehow, I know she felt safe in my presence, especially when she was sleeping on top of me like a baby. I remember my baby, who was one tenth of my size, always walked with me like a bodyguard. She always walked with pride. She was the one person who was so proud about who I truly am and loved me for the same.

Apparently, she was killed by some stranger who came to steal our fish. I know she put up a fight. I know she defended the family. I know she was a warrior. But for me she will always be my tiny little baby. My baby! My piece of soul. She will forever, till my last breath, be remembered and loved. No one can ever replace her in my heart.

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