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If you remember my last few posts you know that I was going through a really tough time in life. I did not clear my examination; I was losing hope of getting a job and the lockdown had a terrible effect on me. I was left praying for some miracle to happen. Well, a miracle did happen – on 31st December 2020 in the form of an interview after which, on the same day, I was confirmed for the job. I entered 2021 not as a jobless woman but as an Economics Researcher!

But life cannot be as easy as that, can it! Three days after the interview I received another email saying there was some complication in finishing my paper work and I had to attend another interview, this time with the Director of the institute. As I read the mail, I couldn’t stop sobbing. I felt like a child whose candy was snatched away. I was constantly worried about telling my mother about the uncertainty with respect to my job. She was rejoicing in my success and I did not want to rip her off the joy. By the next day I got myself under control and started preparing for anything that was to come my way. Later that week I attended the interview and got through it successfully as well. Now, I have completed one week of my work. Hooray!

I also went for a trip with my partner this weekend, that is something I have not done in a very long time. A lot of things which we have been struggling with has come to an end and everything finally feels new. It is a new journey ahead and I am terrified of it. But that is how we grow and that is how the seasons change.

Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis!

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