As you may know, I have taken a new path in my life, I haven’t quite figured it yet, but I am in need of an inspiration. I am trying to do a lot of fun things such as painting, writing, watching series, watching cloud etc. A few days ago, I came across a series called ‘Grace and Frankie’. I must say, I am loving it! I am especially in love with Frankie as she is a fun, loving, hopeful and creative person. She is weird but soulful – a unique character indeed.

While on the topic of Frankie, I have been wanting to open myself to new experiences and experiments. But I do not know where and how to begin. It is very confusing for me. I need to find something in which I can actually be with human beings. I need some social circle which I sadly do not have as of now. What is open these days? What is safe? I do not know and I have no clue how to find it out as well.

Moving to the serious matter of finding a job, I have only applied for one job so far as my partner suggested that I needed to calm down and stop panicking. Now I am too calm and borderline lazy. So my job hunt is clinging on a cliff. I must tell you, this uncertainty is a funny experience. It makes my nerves tingle. But it is okay, one step at a time!

Talking of new beginnings, I am very excited about the new hashtag setting in WordPress. Initially I thought it was just a funny way of writing but I have come to realize it is some sort of a trend tagging mechanism. I did try using it previously, taking inspiration from a fellow blogger, but clearly I did not understand its purpose. Anyway I discovered now that using this hashtag I can read more varieties of articles. #Fun! ‘Wink’ ‘wink’ you see what I did there?

I hope everyone is safe. Keep smiling!

Grace and Frankie

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