If you are a follower of my blog, you know I have been away for my exam. Finally I have gotten over the huge chaos; many dramatic incidents and emotional roller coasters, but I have managed to survive.

Drama two weeks before exam:

Two weeks before the exam, a land deal which was lying in limbo for the past eight months became active and the buyer immediately wanted to register the property. My to-be father-in-law, who is 75, had to travel a long way in a car along with my to-be brother-in-law for the registration. A lot of calls and negotiations later the registration finally took place. The entire process took up close to a week and I had to wake up early and take care of them for the entire duration.

The week after they left, I was going through a bad meltdown as my scores were getting worse and my energy drained out. But all thanks to my partner, I persisted. If not for him, I wouldn’t have had the courage to write the exam.

Day of exam:

The first part of the exam was from 09:30 to 11:30. For the first time I managed to read through the questions thrice and still had a good 5 minutes for rechecking before the exam ended. By the time I was out of the exam hall I had confidence in me and my effort.

The second paper was from 14:30 to 16:30. It was unusually tough for me and I barely managed to finish it. I was not sure how it went. I had belief in me and I was ready to face anything.

Later that day, the answer keys were released. My partner and I started checking our scores. We checked mine first and it turned out that I did not get through. Then we checked his score. He has a score which puts him on the borderline. Based on others’ performance he may or may not get through.

I was supposed to be sad but I was too happy about the possibility of him progressing to the next stage of the exam. I was caught up in deciding what needs to be done for his next level of preparation. Honestly, I felt relieved that I do not have to go through the pain of preparation again and I can move on with life.

Days after exam:

I had too many chores to finish after exam. Cleaning the house, doing three loads of laundry, buying groceries, catching up with people I have been ignoring during the exam etc. Finally, today I managed to relax and enjoy.

I was hoping to have a clean, fresh start in life with a new perspective but honestly, I do not feel any different. Everything is the same. May be it is just about constantly working on myself and adapting; adjusting and creating things differently with the reality we live in. The painting is half way through and now it is about how I improvise and finish it.

I have missed reading all of your blogs and I am extremely excited about my new journey to the place I do not know yet. LOL!

Photos from my day out post exam:

Keep smiling and stay safe.

13 thoughts on “I am back

    1. Yes indeed! I have been working on it for nearly 2 and half years now. I think I should go easy on myself considering it is one of the toughest exam. Life has to move on, isn’t it!😊

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