I have 35 days left for exam. The fear has started to kick in. This could be a huge turning point in my life. I have sacrificed two years of my life for this cause. If I manage to clear then I will have to face a big monster in three months’ time. If I do not manage to clear then I have to figure out a new path for myself. It is just a matter of 35 days now. Let us see how it goes

I went out yesterday. I met a few friends after a very long time. We spent couple of hours talking about almost everything. I do not recollect the exact topics of conversation now. One of them, let’s call her Ms. D, lost her father nearly a month ago. We wanted to make sure she was doing alright. I gave her a journal. Hope it helps!

It is almost two in the night. Intending to sleep as soon as possible. I don’t have a huge checklist for today. Just keeping my fingers crossed.

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