Obsessive Cumpulsive Disorder has been haunting me from my childhood. It reached its heights when I was diagnosed with depression in 2017. I have been coping with it by taking tiny steps. It is a process – slow growth and continuous struggle. My writing this may help at least one and if it does, I think it will be a bonus.

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“Worrying is suffering twice.” – Newt Scamander.

Presently, I am trying to work on one aspect – not letting any incident or thought affect me for long. It is okay to worry and feel sad but, if that advances into a loop and if I tend to constantly wallow in it, that is when it turns into a problem.

In my case, I tend to remember only the sad parts of my early life. Often I relive a past event and make it feel harder by going through the same pain again and again for days, weeks, months and years. I suffer not just twice but multiple times.

The number of things that affect me has significantly gone down but, it is still my vulnerability.

I have had a very tough time with my parents and my sibling for the past couple of years. I have also detoured from my career path for the examination. And you all know what this coronavirus has done to all of us. So, life is a little difficult at the moment which means there are more issues with which to torture myself.

I have to constantly remind myself that certain things are not under my control and I can only make a difference with what I have under my control. The examination is a big pressure on me and the thought about it has tortured me for months. After struggling for long, after scheduling and rescheduling my life and daily plan for the hundredth time, I realised I had to stop at some point. For the past one week, I give my best shot everyday – one day at a time. The days are getting better.

I might slip again but I am sure to pick myself up and try again a little harder next time.

P.S.:- Eventhough it appears seamless, sometimes when I slip, I just end up crying. LOL!

9 thoughts on “#OCD Diaries 1

  1. You said one of the most important things to remember and to remind yourself of, YOU WILL PICK YOURSELF UP AGAIN! We all fall and what’s most inprotant is we get back up and put what we’ve learned to good use. Keep taking little steps and you will keep moving forwaard. That’s what’s important, moving forward. πŸ™‚

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  2. These are difficult times and it is almost impossible not to be overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Even when we are forced back it is important to continue taking a step forward. You have taken that step forward by acknowledging and working on your vulnerability and that’s an amazing achievement. I firmly believe that we have to keep pushing forward. The show must go on!

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  3. Thank you so much for writing this! I have OCD, as well, and it’s with me every day. Some days are easy, but some days are really, really difficult, and it can be a struggle to just make myself a cup of coffee. It always makes me hopeful when I read someone else’s story and see that I’m not alone. So brave to share your experience. Thank you, again!

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    1. Hi Katie, I am delighted to know that sharing my experience has made you feel better. It is truly an inspiration for me to write more about OCD and the struggle. I am sure we can make an unique path of our own in this world. Thank you😊

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