A beautiful sunset

I have had long thoughts about the place where I want to settle, the kind of home in which I want to raise my children, the place where I want to grow old. Some people always find attachment to where they were born and think about settling down there when they get old. But in my case, I have always thought about choosing my own place, like a nomad who decides to settle down.

There has never been just one place for me. I keep moving with time. I do not have a particular group of friends. I just keep meeting people, share a part of my life with them and move on. Nothing so far has really bound me to a place. I am just a temporary resident in this big, wide world for now.

My partner, on the other hand. claims he is never bound to any place but, in reality, longs to be in his house (Remember the lake from my previous post?). It has started to rain there these days. The regular photo updates from his brother makes him miss the weather, his mom’s food and the comfort of his home. May be I should ask him to write about his house and how it is to be with his family!

Today, I was going through my Pinterest account and was looking at the home ideas I have been collating for a long time. Mine, always, was somewhere in a cool hilly region; an old elegant French cottage with a big lawn in the front. But now I do not desire that anymore. Now I am thinking about going back to my partner’s village and start farming for a living after I have explored my life and talent for some time. It is a beautiful place to live, good soil, uncorrupted by the so-called ‘Development’. The world is in need of good farmers and people to take care of its nature.

Way to home
Paths to travel
Foggy rainy day

The exciting part is, for some reason, with time, I have started to desire and yearn for simple things. When I was younger, I wanted to be like Alexander the Great or Leonardo da Vinci but for some reason the experiences in life have detoured my journey.  When the world is going forward, I think I have taken a U-turn and am running my race backwards. I might be falling behind the world but this is my journey, mine alone; I get to decide which way is backward and which forward.

5 thoughts on “A place to start my family

  1. I have felt the same way, about nature and taking care of it. Even more so now, with the corona virus…
    Living more off the land is more and more appealing to me. Been seriously considering adding chickens to my “homestead”.

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