Today was supposed to be another new-normal day. But, nature decided to wave its wand.

Late in the evening, I heard some rat-tat on the window near my balcony. When I opened the balcony door, a cold breeze with rain brushed across my cheeks. Oh my God! I was yearning for a good rain for a really long time and finally it was here. It only rained for 15-20 minutes, but that made all the difference for me.

I have always closely associated myself with nature. Going out to be with nature, looking at the clouds move, watching the birds rush to their homes in the evening – these have always been the best memories of mine.

I believe, I inherited these traits from my mother. She always treats our plants with so much love and care. I vividly remember an evening in my childhood; I was plucking out flowers for fun. On seeing this, my mother taught me not to disturb them while they were sleeping. I was moved by what she told me and how she thinks about them. I have always wondered at how considerate she has always been to everything around her!

Back to the present, there is a big relief to the heat now. My mind and body feel cool. I am starting to feel hope. Once this lockdown is over, a long ride or a change in environment is the first thing to which I am looking forward. I hope! I hope!

The river that glides along in front of my partner’s home!

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