An inspired drawing

I close my eyes and I draw darkness from all around. Everything around me goes quiet. I finally unite with breath and heartbeat. We are on an endless journey to nowhere. I don’t feel the pain anymore; everything goes numb. I am wandering in uncertainty – aimless and frantic.

I open my eyes and darkness is flipped to light like pages in a book. I am fighting a war; I cannot stop; I cannot rest. I need to keep moving. But why? I do not know, but I must. Everything looks so endless. I am exhausted and I am in agony. Something keeps pulling me to darkness. Every time I blink it is the incessant transition between the two worlds I live in. I am now stuck in this excruciating cycle of life. I want to scream my lungs out to break the chains and fly.

Liberation, you seductress, I am coming for you.

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